Types of collars

Nylon Collar The nylon collar is a choke and release collar and must be put on correctly. It is great for dogs who are sensitive and do not require many or harsh corrections. It is strongly recommended that a nylon collar not be used on a dog that takes many corrections or a hard correction. The reason being that prolonged use may cause trachea or esophagus problems as the dogs gets older. An advantage of a nylon collar over a chain choke collar is there is no sound when the collar is tightened on the dog's neck. The nylon collar should fit snuggly going over the top of the dog's head. Once the collar is on the dog and the leash attached, the collar should be tightened to where there is only about ¾-1 inch of excess collar.

Pinch or Prong Collar

The correction of the pinch or prong collar simulates the way another dog's correction would feel. As a correction is given the collar "bites" (pinches) the dog in the neck, as another dog would do. This is good for strong dogs that take hard corrections or many corrections. This collar is more humane for dogs that take many corrections because one correction will solve the problem versus 10 corrections (or more) on a nylon or chain choke. It does not choke the dog and will not cause trachea or esophagus problems. The tighter the collar is on the dog's neck, the stronger the pinch.

Electronic Collars

The Electronic Collar does not choke, it is not physical on the handler's part and it will not mark a dog's neck. The correction is always consistent with each handler in the house. It can be felt by the dog even if the dog is far away and it is safe to have in the rain or when swimming. Many times, when training aggression, the dog sees a leash correction as the handler getting physical and may retaliate against the handler for such. With the Electric correction, the trainer is only pressing a button; therefore the mannerisms are very calm. If the handler is calm when a dog is being aggressive then the dog will naturally calm down. This collar works great for a dog that is "leash wise" and knows when he is off the leash or for a dog that requires a harder correction (may be used in conjunction with a pinch collar). The correction is similar to static electricity. It works the same way as an invisible fence but the handler is in charge of when the dog is corrected.

Bark Collars

This equipment activates when the collar senses the vibration of the dog's vocal cords. The bark collar is safe, effective, and humane. They are also consistent which helps teach the dog quickly to stop barking while the collar is on.
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