Proper Use of Dog Collars

It doesn't matter what type of collar you choose, the important fact is that the dog responds to the correction and learns from it and that rewards and praise more than makes up for the correction.

The handler should be trained on the use of whatever type collar is chosen in order to receive optimal results from training sessions. When using any new training collar, it is important that the dog wears the collar even when not training. Most people will put the training collar on their dog when training or when the dog is misbehaving. This teaches the dog that when he is wearing the collar, he must behave because it is only then that he will be made to behave or given correction for misbehavior. The dog then becomes "collar wise" and when the collar is off; the dog either does not respond to your commands or misbehaves.

The dog may sulk or become mellow, initially, while wearing a new collar. This is normal behavior. If a conscious effort is made in putting the new training collar on the dog every day and only removing it for bedtime, the dog will change his behavior and his new "habit" will be to respond to his handler's commands. When the dog's new training collar becomes his "favorite necklace" the habit of responding to commands and being well mannered becomes the dog's new habit. When this happens the dog will obey and also will play, eat and have fun when the collar is on.

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