Dog training starts here

There are many types of training available for dog owners. There are trainers that specialize in show training for those that want to show their dogs. For those that hunt, there are special courses in training hunting dogs to follow their instincts. Farmers will search out trainers with great understanding of herding dogs. Police of the K9 corps require specialized police dog trainers and the Seeing Eye Foundation trains dogs to assist blind people.

Dog training methods have risen and fallen in popularity over the past 50 years or so. Demonstrated by the work of William Koehler, a trainer of dogs for the military and the movies, early training involved punishment training-if the dog failed to obey, he was jerked by the collar and leash as a reminder to get with the program.

Methods have generally modified to meet the needs and personalities of owners and dogs. More people have gotten involved in obedience training, not only for dogs that compete at dog shows, but just for good manners. Popular trainers have marketed their books and seminars promoting gentle methods of charming dogs to learn politeness and turn in reliable performances in the show ring.

There are lots of philosophies, methods and equipment in dog training from which to choose, whether a professional trainer will be employed or if the dog owner will do the training.

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